About Us

Wagenisasa.com is the first of its kind platform that allows you to merchandise your experiences. We are of a strong belief that hospitality, tourism and leisure business should sell experiences as opposed to just selling rooms or food and beverage.

We are using M-Pesa the most used payment platform to revolutionize travel

The kind of experiences we merchandise

  1. Dining experiences
  2. Holiday Packages
  3. Cooking and Food Tours
  4. City Breaks
  5. Village and Cultural Tours
  6. Camping and trekking
  7. Road trips and Off Road Driving
  8. Adrenaline Activities
  9. Water based activities
  10. Excursions


How we work

Clients can book directly from;

  1. wagenisasa.com or 
  2. Via a booking engine placed on your website.

We help you create selling content for your website packages.

Payment are via M-Pesa directly to your paybill or till number.


How It Works 

  1. Client visits wagenisasa.com / your website

  2. Selects a suitable experience

  3. Pays for the same via Mpesa

  4. You recieve an email alert for the booking

  5. You can accept or reject depending on availability

  6. Upon accepting, money is credited to your M-Pesa

  7. Clients get a voucher as you prepare to wow them

Commissions & fees.

We are direct, we are transparent.



Commission Percentage(%) Details
Wagenisasa.com 10% We Market for you, we pay for ads and we just bring you guests. You can add the 10% to the cost of your package
Your Website 5% This is Optional. But very necessary. Especially if you do not have a booking engine on your website. Customers must not call you when they can just book instantly